How to remove acrylic nails with hot water

Everyone loves to have beautiful, well shaped, shiny, long nails and if you are someone who cannot keep your nails in such manner,  no worries as Acrylic nails are here for you. All this can be made possible through acrylic nails and when the nails are designed with acrylics, one can design it the way they want. Acrylics are a mixture of powdered polymer and a liquid monomer, both the things are mixed together and the mixture is placed on the nail and given one’s desired shape, size and design. Acrylic nails last for 1-2 months but filling or touch-up is necessary for the nails. Pre cure should be done very carefully before applying acrylic nails, if it is not applied properly, it can harm the original nail also. It is important to gather all the information regarding the acrylic you are going to apply. After removing the acrylic nails, care should be taken of the natural nails as it might get damaged while removing the acrylic nails. Today, in this post I will try to guide you on how to remove acrylic nails with hot water. Below few ways are mentioned about how to take care of your nails after removing acrylic nails.

Removing acrylic nails:

acrylic nails

Acrylic nails are generally removed on saloon. The experts there, remove the nails maintaining the pre and post procedures. But if you are someone who can not give time to a saloon or one who cannot afford to go to saloon, no worries, as the acrylic nails can be easily removed at home using some DIY techniques. Never try to remove the acrylic nails by pulling, peeling or any physical means. It can cause extreme damage to the natural nails. The natural nails can also break while trying to remove the acrylic nails through any of the physical means.

Tips to remove acrylic nails with hot water and acetone

Acrylic nails can be removed using warm water only. Acrylic nails can be removed with warm water and acetone. If one does not want to use chemicals, they can simply remove the acrylic nails using warm water. Removing acrylic nails with warm water is very simple, take a bowl, pour some water on it. Heat the water until it becomes Luke warm, pour the fingers for around 20-30 minutes, after that gently remove the acrylic nails. After removing the acrylic nails completely, moisturising and nourishing the natural nails is must.

With the help of acetone and warm water, acrylic nails can be removed. Take a big size bowl, put water on it. Heat the water until it becomes warm. Then put a bit small sized bowl over it. Put acetone on the bowl so that it melts, then deep your fingers on acetone. Repeat this and the the acrylic nails will be removed easily. This time, the post process should be done more sincerely as acetone is used. Petroleum jelly can be used around the nails, while removing the acrylic nails so that acetone do not harm the skin or cuticles.

This is all you have to do while removing acrylic nails at home.

If you are removing it on saloon, must take care what products are being used.

After removing acrylic nails with hot water, what should be done:

Many people think that removing acrylic nails is the end. But No this is not the end. A little bit of damage might happen after removing acrylic nails, but don’t panic.

There are ways , you should take care of your nails after removing acrylic nails. One of the most important thing is to take care of your natural nails, fingers after removing the acrylic nails and the gel attached with it. The acrylic nails can have many affects on the natural nails if proper care is not taken.

The cuticle area can be said as the most sensitive part, it can get affected easily with the usage of chemicals. So when removing acrylic nails, proper care should be taken as taking them in a wrong way can result in a painful experience.

After removing acrylic nails, if you don’t want to apply acrylic again and you want to keep your natural nails, better keep your nails shorter i.e. trim your nails always as it will help the nails to not break.

If your nails hurt, after removing the acrylic nails, this can be either because your technicians did not used proper means or you have tried with any physical means. Over filling can also cause harm to the nails.

After you have removed the acrylic nails, you can go with your natural nails or you can do acrylics again. After removing the acrylic nails, apply moisturiser on the nail area. You can also use cuticle oil which will be very good for the cuticle area as it is a very sensitive part of the nails. Apply Vitamin E and aloe vera too. This things work wonders in maintaining natural nails. The main thing is to keep the nails hydrated so that it does not become weak. Drinking lots of water definitely keeps the natural nail as well as the whole body hydrated. So it is very important to drink water at this time.

You should definitely buff your nails using buffer at least once in one or two week. Buffing will increase the blood circulation of the nail bed, it will make the nails shiny. Buffing the nails will increase the growth process of the nails. Nails should be filed every week. Filling nails will keep the nails in a good shape, it will also prevent nails from breaking. Always fill the nails in one direction. This will prevent the nails from damage. Also do manicure at saloon. Doing manicure will   include trimming, shaping, buffing, cuticle treatment. Apply olive oil, Vitamin E capsules On your nails. Massage the fingers after applying cuticle oil. Stop doing any work that can harm your nail or you can use gloves while doing such works. Chemical substance should not be used on nails

If your nails have damaged a lot, go for treatment. You can do keratin treatment. In keratin treatment, proteins and natural oils are used which hydrated the nails and will make your nails much healthier then before.

Also, you must take care of your diet. Must ensure that you are taking biotin in your diets. Biotin can be found on eggs, meats, avocados, fish, nuts, broccoli etc. Biotins keep the nails, skin and hair healthy. If you can not intake enough biotin from food, you can take biotin supplements too. Ensure that your diet contains enough protein. Take iron rich foods such as meet, leafy vegetables, dates, beat root etc. Iron deficiency leads to problem of hair and nails. Eat fruits, vegetables, nuts. This practices will definitely help your nails look good.

Bottom Line

I hope you got information on how to remove acrylic nails with hot water. Do let me know, what are the other best way to remove acrylic nails. So that I could help my readers.

Supriyo Das

Supriyo Das

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