Top 15 Telecommunication equipment suppliers in India 2022

Are you looking for a list of the Telecommunication equipment suppliers in India? Then, you have landed in the right place. Often referred to as telecommunications equipment manufacturers or network equipment providers, network equipment providers offer equipment and services to telecommunications companies such as mobile and fixed operators. TV/radio broadcasters and telephone and data service providers comprise the TEM industry. Information is transmitted electronically over distances via telecommunications. A user may provide information in voice telephone calls, data, text, images, or videos. The use of telecommunications today is to link more or less remote computer systems together.

Here are the lists of Telecommunication equipment suppliers in India.

Following is the list of Telecommunication equipment suppliers in India

01. Punjab Communications LTD

Punjab Communication Ltd is one of India’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of telecommunications equipment. It provides a product range that covers voice or data multiplexers, optical or transmission equipment, PLCCs, and power plants.

Furthermore, Punjab Communication LTD is considered a strength in terms of its infrastructure, technical expertise, and sound financials. This industry has the strength to undertake large projects.

 02. Ericsson–  

Ericsson Company is an information and communication technology platform that provides telecommunication services and enterprises. In addition, Ericsson provides products and solutions to telecommunication operators. It also offers multimedia solutions, communication networks, and telecom services.

03. Digispice Technologies

The company is considered one of the most reliable telecommunications partners or in countries such as India, Ghana, Nigeria, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Kenya, and Dubai. It was established in the year 2000 and later built a strong foothold across diverse domains, which included telecom solutions, fintech solutions, mobile advertising, digital solutions, and enterprise mobility. Additionally, in the past 18 years, digispiece technologies have gained a position globally, especially in regions like the Middle East and North Africa, South Africa, Sub-Sabah Africa, and Southeast Asia. 

04. Shyam Telecommunications LTD

Shyam Telecom Limited is considered one of the leading manufacturers of telecom equipment in India. It was established in the year 1992. Shyam Telecom Limited offers telecommunication services to organizations around the globe. Moreover, Shyam Telecommunication Company’s products include digital radio, digital subscriber lines, wireless loop carriers, and remote energy metering systems. Lastly, this company exports its products to America, the Middle East, Asia, the Pacific, and Europe.

05. Hartron communications LTD

Harton communication limited is considered one of the leading business process outsourcing companies. Hartron company help other business all over the world by enhancing after-sales and back-end support and they also provide help to improve customer service satisfaction while reducing the overall cost of technology and human resources. The Hartron company was established in the year 1993.

06. Satkar electronics LTD

Satkar Electronics is considered a non-governmental company and it is registered as a company in Mumbai. This company was incorporated in the year 1987. Satkar electronics are involved in the manufacture of televisions, radio receivers, sound, video recording, and associated goods.

07. ADC India communications limited-

ISO 9001 certification is held by ADC India Communications Limited. Peenya Industrial Area houses the company’s manufacturing facility, based in Bangalore. In addition, ADC India Communication offers its clients in the Indian subcontinent a wide range of leading copper, fiber, and casting portfolios.

08. Indian telephone limited (ITI)-

In 1948, ITI Limited was established as a departmental factory in the telecommunications technology segment. India’s telecommunications equipment manufacturer belongs to the Indian government. Moreover, ITI comes under the ownership of the Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications, and the Government of India. In addition, the ITI was established in the year 1948.

09. Valiant Communications LTD-

This Indian company produces transmission, communication, synchronization, and cyber security equipment. This company offers all kinds of utility applications, which include oil and gas, railways, power utilization, metro rail communications, and airport communications. Furthermore, the cyber security applications of this company include commercial establishments, small home offices, corporate entities, etc.

10. Esskay Telecom

Esskay telecommunication company is based in Farmington Hills, MI. This company offers a full range of consulting and engineering services.

This company was incorporated with the purpose of conducting business in the field of the sale of telephone instruments, intercom. Their business also includes telecom accessories, Basic Telecom services, and other services notified by the Department of Telecommunications. Besides radio communication equipment, the company also plans to venture into devices such as receiver transmitters and transceivers.

Additionally, this company also helps the customer by providing engineering resources and offloading the project management work of wireless operators and vendors.

11. GTL infrastructure limited

 GTL Infrastructure Limited is a global group of enterprises in India and is considered India’s independent telecom tower company. GLF infrastructure is recognized as the pioneer of shared passive telecom infrastructure in India. GTL’s headquarters are in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Moreover, the GTL infrastructure has around 28,000 towers which are situated across the telecom circles in India.

 12. Aishwarya Telecom

Aishwarya Telecom company is an Indian telecommunications equipment company, and this company is synonymous with Indian defence. Aishwarya Telecom is a manufacturing and designing company and, with that, it also produces testing and measuring equipment such as fibre, data, and, lastly, copper cable faults in India.

13. Kavveri Telecom company

The Kavveri Telecom company was founded in the year 1991. Kaveri Telecom is regarded as one of the leading manufacturers. It provides world-class hardware products and solutions for the telecom industry. In addition, Kaveri telecom focuses on the design, development, testing, and implementation of a wide variety of items. Kaveri telecom is based in Bangalore.

14. Suich Industries Limited

Suich Industries Limited produces and distributes mobile phones, along with accessories. Additionally, the company supplies mobile phones and batteries, cables, chargers, power banks, and LED bulbs. 

15. XL energy limited

XL Energy Limited is regarded as one of the leading manufacturers and end-solution provider companies. The company was established in the year 1992. Furthermore, the company has delivered over 75MW of solar modules to countries across the world.

This is all about the List of Telecommunication equipment suppliers in India.

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